8less is a social media agency based in Hong Kong. We will help you optimize your social strategy, engage key audiences, and create killer content.

Eight seconds. That's the average attention span of a human.

How do you communicate in just 8 second that a viewer should continue to read or watch your content? You need to show that your content is relevant to your viewer and that it has value to them. Content is key to digital presence.

I got into social media marketing after frequently seeing businesses failing to start or maintain their online presence. I am passionate about helping businesses succeed on social media by showcasing them in their best light. My role is to manage clients and use my extensive social media and digital marketing experience to develop strategies, content and results for my clients.

Marina Ragozina
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Social media marketing isn't just what we do, it's what we love to do. We know what works and brings the best results.
Our team is full of passionate specialists skilled in SMM. We do what we are great at so you can focus on growing your business.
Tailor-Made Approach
Your business is unique, and your digital presence should show that! That's why our packages are made bespoke for you.
Life-Long Learning
Social media is constantly changing. We stay up to date with the new platforms, latest updates and social trends.
Social Media Marketing
Our team creates a content that is scroll-stopping, engaging and strategic, all while increasing organic growth and brand exposure. Our social media marketing services encompass strategy planning, content creation, writing, and posting.
Influencer Marketing
Influencers have become a powerful weapon for brands. Whether you're planning on starting an influencer marketing strategy or aiming to run a campaign to launch a product or micro-campaign to maintain brand awareness and drive conversions, we'll evaluate your budget and craft a custom strategy around your needs.
Paid Social Advertising
Facebook and Instagram advertising experts, we understand the key to writing compelling ad copy and coupling it with the perfect visual creative to gain attention and thus driving a profitable ROI.
Visual content matters. Nothing tells your brand's story better than QUALITY photos/videos for your social media platforms. At 8less, we work with skilled freelance photographers, photo stylists and videographers to tell your brand story right.
Behind every successful business is an individual, with a unique personality and story. Our goal with social media marketing is to tell your story in a compelling, authentic way that your audience will connect with.
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